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Mobile apps

Here is the list of Hybrid Mobile applications I have developed for the last few years

Restaurant App: menu - orders - staff view - driver dashboard - delivery tracker (2020)
Aimed for restaurant businesses willing to manage full process from customer ordering to delivery. All steps are handled by LunchMagnet: Menu selection - ordering processing - staff confirmation - driver selection - supervisor monitoring

Technology : Angular, Ionic, NodeJS, Express, GraphQL, MongoDB, Heroku, Firebase, GoogleMap, Leaflet, RxJS

Link :

React Ionic - TinQuiz
DBPedia-based Images Quiz-generator (2020)
Quizzes based on country and specific theme (All, cinema, geography, celebrities, food, enterprises), fast answers with right-wrong image, gamification with badges.
This app was developed to practice React, redux architecture with redux-observable library. No server side involved.

Technology : React, Ionic, Redux architecture, redux-observable, RxJS, Firebase, DBpedia, ImDB

Link :

JQueryMobile - Midlands103
Midlands103 Radio Station (2013)
App to listen, see news and radio programs of Irish radio Midlands103, published from 2013 to 2017.

Technology : Cordova, JQuery Mobile, PHP

Angular Ionic - QuizTheWorld
QuizTheWorld (2017)
This App builds and launches quizzes based on any subjects of Wikipedia, so over 5 millions potential quizzes.

Technology : Angular4, Ionic, Firebase, DBpedia, TypeScript

Angular Ionic - Mtl TableTennis Open Tournament Registration
Table tennis Montreal Open Tournament Registration (2020)
Built for Montreal Prestige table tennis club to manage playeres tournament registrations

Technology : Angular, Ionic, Firebase, GraphQL, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Stripe

JQueryMobile - FilmRecommender (2011)
Prototype Film Recommender
App displaying a recommended movie list from any movie title. It is using Wikipedia to fetch related movies based on various criterias.

Technology : Cordova, JQuery Mobile, DBpedia