Florent Letendre

Full-Stack Web Developer


Below is a list of project involving Shopify, through online store design or application integration

LaPrimilla Online Store
Online store for LaPrimilla Winery & olive oil family businness
Design based on Debut template, customized for desktop and mobile to integrate company Branding.
    ●Localization, currency, Instagram, Shipping are implemented from Shopify Market Place.
    ●Implementation of all other businness needs: payment methods, shipping areas, products variants, collections, domains.
    ●On-Demand features such 'Minimum number of items to purchase' developed from scratch.

Technology : Shopify Liquid, html, CSS JavaScript, Gimp

Link : https://laprimilla.com

DeliveryMagnet Shopify App
Route optimization Web App integrated as a Shopify public App
Integration of DeliveryMagnet 'Multi-vehicle route optimizer & delivery tracker' web app into Shopify admin side. Admin app installed from Market place (still in testing stage).
Fulfill and push Shopify orders to DeliveryMagnet, build optimized deliveries itineraries in few clicks without leaving Shopify.

Technology : Shopify Polaris, ReactJS, NextJS, RestAPI, GraphQL, Shopify Webhooks, JWT, Angular, NestJS

Link : https://www.deliverymagnet.com/shopify-integration

Connect Shopify App with DeliveryMagnet

Fulfill & Push Shopify orders to DeliveryMagnet